Achieving great things together!


Working together with BRIDGE

BRIDGE at the AWID conference


With Pamoja’s support BRIDGE held a successful meeting with their International Advisory Committee (IAC) – a group of gender experts from around the world.  This enabled the team to put in place systems to engage with the IAC and other stakeholders and helped inform their strategy for the coming years.



A broad range of stakeholders are working collectively build a world where gender equality, dignity and social justice prevail, where poverty is eliminated and where human rights – including women’s rights – are realised. As part of this effort BRIDGE supports the needs of policymakers, practitioners, advocates and researchers in bridging the gaps between gender theory, policy and practice to make gender equality happen. They are generating and sharing diverse, accessible gender information, and stimulating collaborative, ground breaking thinking on key issues related to gender and development. BRIDGE are probably best known for their knowledge management work; their website, cutting edge packs, briefings and bibliographies.

 Achieving great things together

Pamoja was contracted by BRIDGE to help plan and facilitate a number of strategic processes with their International Advisory Committee. Through these processes they hoped to: develop their thinking on how they will grow and fundraise in the future; identify key trends in gender work and prepare to respond to them; better understand what their users think of their products and services and; construct a theory of change to help them better articulate their work with external stakeholders. Pamoja worked closely with BRIDGE staff, facilitating meetings, writing and editing plans and reports and supporting their interactions with their International Advisory Committee. As a result BRIDGE feel confident that they have a shared, exciting, well thought through vision of their future and they have cultivated relationships which will support this work.

Paola Brambilla of BRIDGE commented, “Kate is very professional, perceptive and fun to work with. She facilitated our two-day International Advisory Committee annual meeting and helped enormously making sure everybody contributed to the discussion and everybody’s views were heard. She also helped structuring the sessions and capturing the rich discussions. She has been invaluable and we have asked her to facilitate our next strategic meeting.”


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