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Working together with the ReBUILD Consortium

With Pamoja’s support the ReBUILD Consortium gained a shared vision of their longer term communications goals, developed a brand and produced a set of core products to describe their work in post conflict settings.



In countries affected by conflict health systems often break down. Emergency assistance is often the main source of care. For example, Sierra Leone has a high share of out-of-pocket expenditure in relation to total health spending at around 70%. Approximately 50% of the population is excluded from health services by even modest fees. The latest available data for Zimbabwe shows that in the mid 1990s vacancies for doctors and nurses were 60% and 45% respectively. The number of registered doctors in the country declined from about 1600 to about 800 in the intervening period. As recovery begins so should the process of rebuilding health systems. However, in practice not enough is known about how effective different approaches are.

The ReBUILD Consortium is a research partnership funded by the UK Department for International Development. They are working in Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe to explore how we can strengthen policy and practice related to health financing and staffing. In health financing they are investigating how different financing strategies affect the poorest households. Their work on human resources studies different management innovations and opportunities for reallocating roles among health professionals.

 Achieving great things together!

Pamoja was contracted by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to support the ReBUILD communications during the inception phase of the project. The aim of this work was to assist all partners in better understanding communications work that was conducted in previous Research Programme Consortia and to support the creation of a communications strategy. In the course of this contract a website and social media presence was developed to introduce critical stakeholders to the aims of the project and the research questions that would be pursued. Country level briefs helped keep stakeholders from government, the non governmental sector and funders informed about the direction ReBUILD was taking as part of a broader portfolio of stakeholder engagement activities. Pamoja worked with ReBUILD in recruiting a full-time Research Uptake Manager to support their future work and is providing ongoing one-to-one support to assist her during her induction period.

Dr Sally Theobald of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine commented, “Pamoja brought a fresh, engaging and informed approach to research communication that was embedded in ReBUILD’s focus on health systems in post conflict settings. They have an excellent understanding of different approaches to research uptake activities in different contexts and on different issues. Pamoja has established strong and supportive working relationships with our partners.”

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