Achieving great things together!


Working together with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative


With Pamoja’s support IAVI conducts policy analysis and advocacy in the UK enabling them to keep abreast of emerging political trends, network with key influencers in government and the non governmental sector and ensure that new prevention technologies remain high on the agenda of decision makers.



More than 60 million people have been infected with HIV in the last 30 years, and about half of them have died as a result. Since the first cases of opportunistic infections in healthy gay men heralded the emergence of a new disease that would soon become a pandemic, communities, scientists, public health workers and advocates have fought to unravel the biology of AIDS, to stop the spread of HIV, and to support and care for those living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. They are working hard to deliver treatments and develop vaccines and cures for HIV infection, in the hope of ending the pandemic once and for all.

Founded in 1996, IAVI researches and develops vaccine candidates, conducts policy analyses, and serves as an advocate for the field. IAVI supports a comprehensive response to HIV/AIDS that balances the expansion and strengthening of existing HIV prevention and treatment programmes with targeted investments in new AIDS prevention technologies. It also works to ensure a future vaccine will be accessible to all who need it. IAVI invests the bulk of its resources in the research and clinical assessment of candidate vaccines against strains of HIV that are prevalent in the developing world, where some 95% of new HIV infections occur.

Achieving great things together!

Pamoja works with IAVI to cultivate support for AIDS vaccine research and development by leading IAVI’s UK-based advocacy efforts. We are responsible for conducting high quality policy analysis and research on AIDS vaccine-related health and research initiatives. This is translated into advocacy materials targeting various audiences in governmental and non-governmental organisations. Our work aims to position AIDS vaccine research and development high on the political agenda, and involves maintaining working links between the UK and EU.

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