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Policy & Advocacy

We work with non governmental organisations to advise them on public policy and conduct advocacy work to influence decision makers. Advocacy is the process by which an individual or organisation influences public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political and social systems and institutions.

This could be achieved by monitoring policy processes and identifying opportunities to engage, mobilising like-minded organisations to push together for change, translating research or programmatic experiences into compelling communication products, networking and learning together with decision makers, campaigning and rallying the public or creating spaces for dialogue and debate about social issues.

Demanding opportunities for affected communities to voice their opinions and desires directly to policy makers and working in solidarity is an important part of this work. At Pamoja we believe that policy development should be informed by evidence which is why we monitor and try to keep abreast of emerging research findings and use them in our work.

Pamoja works with organisations like the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative to help create an enabling environment for change and maintain political commitment to the issues we think are important.

Read a campaign brief we wrote with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance on maternal health in Southern Sudan

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