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Good communication can help people connect and strengthen networks, ensure that knowledge is captured, exchanged and learnt from, attract new supporters and allies, improve organisational efficiency, bring about social and policy change and support impact.

Pamoja works with not for profit organisations to support them to communicate more efficiently. This might mean strengthening internal communications to help manage organisational change, ensure organisations keep up to date with new developments in their field or improve strategic thinking. Or it could relate to external stakeholders such as peer organisations, donors, clients or policy makers.

We offer a portfolio of communication services and a continuum of support is available. We can provide short term assistance, for example, to launch a particular communications product, run a training on communications, help you with strategic planning or to assist with the documentation of a programme or innovation. With some clients we have engaged on a longer term basis to help understand the different audiences that they need to target and their communications ecology, to audit the ways in which they currently communicate, to create communications products and to promote these outputs and engage with stakeholders to understand their views.

We have a particular interest in global health and development which provides us with technical knowledge which supports communication work with organisations in these fields. We also actively follow new developments in communication theory and technology which helps us to provide the best solution to the challenges that clients are experiencing.

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