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A website and online presence are important tools for marketing, facilitating dialogue and influencing. Trying to communicate without the Internet is unthinkable to many. Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, provide new avenues for engagement with stakeholders. Blogs allow organisations to communicate directly with their target audiences without the mediation of the traditional media. Many enjoy the immediacy of email communication whilst others suffer from information overload.

Pamoja works with organisations to think through how best to communicate online. We have worked with partners to develop websites, Twitter feeds and other online products when they are the most appropriate tool. We have also managed these sites over the longer term and provided content and copy.

Worldwide, particularly in some developing countries, accessing web content can be difficult. New technologies to overcome this problem are being created and innovations in mobile phone technologies mean that greater opportunities to get online are being opened up. Pamoja helps organisations to think through access issues.

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