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Innovative communications and women’s empowerment: Sessions at the Association of Women in Development Forum

The Forum of the Association of Women in Development provided many opportunities to learn about the range of new methods feminist organisations are using to communicate their message and their programming. About 2500 women (and a sprinkling of men and transpeople) came together in the beautiful city of Istanbul to think about ways in which [...]

Aloe Blacc shines a spotlight on progress to fight malaria in Ghana for World Malaria Day

Soul singer Aloe Blacc is back from a journey of discovery in Ghana, West Africa with Malaria No More UK.  Aloe took time out from his tour schedule to witness the efforts underway to meet Ghana’s goal to make sure every home in the country has access to a mosquito net by the end of [...]

Sexuality and Empowerment on International Women’s Day

“If women’s, men’s and transgender people’s bodies can be violated by others, and if our very existence is threatened, how can we ever enjoy any kind of development?” (A Bangladeshi woman participating in a conference on sexuality and sexual rights, organised by the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies) “I would love [...]

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