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UK Government will enforce open access to development research

The results of scientific research that tackles disease, food security issues and poverty in the developing world will become freely available as part of the Government’s plans to open up access to publicly funded studies. The requirement for open access to development research was announced on Thursday and will apply to all work funded by [...]

Vaccines Glossary

We publish a number of news items that relate to vaccine research and development, including in our monthly Power of Vaccines Bulletin. We appreciate that some scientific terms can be confusing and to support our readers we hope you will find this Vaccine Glossary useful. This glossary has been adapted from an online resource published [...]

Rich countries pledge $2.6bn for family planning in global south

Rich countries have pledged $2.6bn over the next eight years at a family planning summit in London, in what was described as a breakthrough for the world’s poorest women and girls. The money, coupled with commitments from developing countries, is expected to provide access to family planning for 120 million women in the global south. [...]

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