Achieving great things together!


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“Our vision is of an equitable world where people live happy, fulfilling lives by working together to support and care for one another.”


Achieving great things together!

Our mission is to support value-led organisations that strive to improve people’s lives, particularly those from the poorest communities, those who are marginalised and in places where inequalities are starkest. We work in partnership to improve social impact. We achieve this by providing expert consultancy and communications services.

Pamoja is a Swahili word that means ‘togetherness’, a concept that is at the very heart of our purpose. Pamoja is committed to working in partnership with organisations, people and communities towards better quality of life for all. We believe that great things can happen when people work together.

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The following values inform, shape and direct our work:

  • We believe people are the real experts in living their lives and identifying their development needs – working together we aim to amplify their voices and support community empowerment.
  • We believe in social justice and that human rights approaches are vital for delivering better health, human development and equality.
  • We recognise that human development is more than the fulfilment of basic needs; people should be able to lead happy and fulfilling lives in communities where they are safe and supported.
  • We recognise social, political, legal, economic and environmental factors and systems and how they can act to limit or enhance people’s lives – we are committed to supporting the creation of enabling environments by challenging harmful policies and practices.
  • We are committed to quality and aim to always exceed expectations in the services we provide.
  • We are committed to the people we work with, including our staff, our associates and our development partners.


Tel: +44 (0)1273 509 683
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