A new Supplement of BMC International Health and Human Rights ‘Contextualising rights: the lived experience of sexual and reproductive health rights’ is available online for freeThe Supplement looks at how we can bridge the gap between international legal human rights frameworks as applied to sexual and reproductive rights (SRHR), and how these play out for actual people ‘on the ground’. We noted that there was a well-developed international language of human rights in relation to sexual and reproductive health, accompanied by significant international advocacy efforts stretching back several decades. However, SRHR remains controversial and contested; sexual rights in particular are poorly understood by many policy actors, they are not easy to operationalise ‘downstream’ in policies and programmes, and their place and relevance in people’s day to day lives have been much less explored.

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Papers in the Supplement:

Unpacking rights in indigenous African societies: indigenous culture and the question of sexual and reproductive rights in Africa

Human rights and reproductive health: political realities and pragmatic choices for married adolescent women living in urban slums, Bangladesh

Ten years of negotiating rights around maternal health in Uttar Pradesh, India

Sexuality, rights and personhood: tensions in a transnational world

Can rights stop the wrongs? Exploring the connections between framings of sex workers’ rights and sexual and reproductive health

Framing rights and responsibilities: accounts of women with a history of AIDS activism

Operationalising sexual and reproductive health and rights in sub-Saharan Africa: constraints, dilemmas and strategies



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