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Attractive communication products that reflect the ethos of the people that created them are likely to be more impactful.

The colour, design and logo that you choose can help distinguish you from other organisations. The graphics and images that you use to illustrate your work reflect how you want to be perceived and your vision of the world.

At Pamoja we can assist with website and digital design, brand development, print and graphic design. We work with a range of creative professionals and can put together the right team to deliver the service you need.

Recently we worked with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to support the communication around a new book Good Health at Low Cost’. We worked with them to formulate a look and feel for the project, sourced photos which exemplified the changes that they had documented in their research, managed the design and creation of a website to house the book and designed a range of briefing papers that summarise its content.

With ReBUILD we helped to develop a logo and a feel for the Consortium which we re-enforced through their website and national briefs. Both of these projects involved engaging multiple stakeholders in an international team. The projects were delivered in a cost effective manner which built on core organisational strengths.

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