Achieving great things together!



Achieving great things together!

Pamoja’s communications services are designed to support organisations to improve the way in which they communicate internally and with key external stakeholders. We work with partners in the creation of strategies and plans, by brokering engagement and dialogue with stakeholders and their networks, creating attractive and impactful communication products and with targeted dissemination. Ensuring that the knowledge generated by organisations gets into the hands of decision makers is a crucial step in generating impact. Enabling staff members to access the information they require, at the right time, in a way that suits their needs, supports organisations to function effectively. The approach we take aims to build capacity in the people and organisations that we work with so that the work we do together influences and improves the way that they operate in the future.

We offer services in the following areas:

Communication strategies

Communication strategies allow you to manage knowledge, implement change, impart knowledge and encourage stakeholders to alter their behaviour.
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Editing & Writing

Clear and compelling writing can make your leaflets, websites, briefings and reports a pleasure to read.
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Design & Creative

Attractive communication products that reflect the ethos of the people that created them are likely to be more impactful.
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A website and social media presence are important tools for marketing, facilitating dialogue and influencing.
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Policy & Advocacy

We work with non governmental organisations to advise them on public policy and conduct advocacy work to influence decision makers.
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From intimate workshops, to book launches, to large conferences.
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Training & Support

Training in communication techniques and help to build the organisational capacity of the organisations that we work with.
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